Eleven students from Our Lady of the Angels Academy, Lansford, were recently named "Students of the Month" for April. They were selected because they exhibited the virtue of cooperation. The following are quotes from each student.

Aleck Jewells (kindergarten): "I am kind and friendly."

Joshua Shelton (first grade): "I was cooperative. I always try things and do my very best. I am kind to my friends and family. I am helpful at home and school."

Gavin Tischler (second grade): "I always try my best to cooperate."

Stephen Puza (third grade): "I am courteous and kind to others. I try to follow directions and do as I'm told. I treat others fairly and I am always nice to the people at my Mimi's job."

Jenna Dubosky (fourth grade): "I listen to my teacher and get along with others. I work together with my friends."

Chad Eschbach (fourth grade): "I don't moan when I have an assignment to do. I say please and thank you and I let people play games with me at recess."

Rachelle Filer (fifth grade): "I'm willing to work with others. I cooperate with my teacher in class."

Andria Ahrens (sixth grade): "I cooperate in class by completing my work on time and answering questions when asked. I also cooperate by helping around the classroom when needed."

Shawna McArdle (seventh grade): "I cooperate with my teachers and other students and work hard in school. I work well with others."

Britney Ziegler (seventh grade): "I help my teachers and classmates with anything. When people get on my nerves I try not to get mad. I try to be nice to everyone."

Cassidy Ryan (eighth grade): "I try to be nice to others and I say please and thank you when given something."