Former Lansford native Rick Forgay joined forces with business icons such as Tom Hopkins, Brian Tracy and Stephen M. R. Covey to contribute their business secrets in the book "Bushido Business."

Bushido is the traditional ethical code or "way of the warrior" of the Japanese Samurai. It is founded on the seven values in which they conducted their life and business, including: honesty and justice, heroic courage, compassion, polite courtesy, complete sincerity, loyalty and duty and honor.

"Bushido Business" expresses the collaborative voices of industry leaders, who openly share their methods of achieving sustainable success through leadership, team building, sales, marketing, business operations, interpersonal relationships and customer service excellence.

Forgay's contribution to the anthology is titled: Mastering The Bushido Code.

"'Bushido Business' is a moral compass, an authentic expression of individual and organizational values that defines their influence and culture," said Forgay.

He facilities a structure for the reader to apply his or her own virtues and values in his or her chosen fields of expertise through a series of self-assessment Bushido Challenges.

Forgay summarizes a strategy for Bushido professionals in two words, "everything matters" in business and life leadership. This includes appearance, choice of words, affiliations, expectations, relationships, character, conduct, courtesy and the boundaries of standards that will withstand time and circumstance.

The book challenges leaders to embrace traditional principles and values as the blueprint for major transformation.

"Adherence to empowering values is always in vogue," Forgay said. "Identifying and activating value-based cultural standards of excellence is a way for leaders and teams to embody dignity, trust and professionalism in their realms of responsibility among those they lead and serve in the business, government, educational and spiritual communities."

Forgay is the CEO of Business Leadership Mastery, Longmeadow, Mass.

Growing up, his journey began as an athlete, firefighter and laborer in the Coal Region of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Forgay recently signed on to pen a third book with Tracy and Dr. John Gray, author of "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus." He has two other books that will be released later this year.

"Bushido Business" is published by Insight Publishing and can be found at