At Monday evening's regular Jim Thorpe Area School Board meeting, the Board of Directors appointed members to the Citizens' Advisory Committee.

The members appointed were: John Ciavarella, Barbara Franzosa, Richard Karper, Theresa Kattner, TJ McKeon, Kris Newbern, Robert Schaninger, Bronson Ford, and Brian Schwartz. Nancy Fields was also appointed as an alternate member. There will also be one school board member on the committee.

The committee is made up of district area residents and Jim Thorpe Area teachers that reside in the district. The term of office for the Citizens' Advisory Committee members will be two fiscal years.

The board accepted resumes and letters of intent for the committee and the board reviewed the applicants.

The Citizens' Advisory Committee was formed to advise the Board of Directors on important issues in the district. The committee will be able to advise the board but will not have a vote with the school board.

The committee outline states, The Citizens' Advisory Committee "will have an advisory role to the Superintendent, Administrators, and School Board in the following areas: budget, calendar, curricula, discipline, drug and alcohol issues, hiring and personnel policies, salaries and benefits, student health and related items, which affect the Board, Administrators, Students and Parents of the Jim Thorpe Area School District."

In other news, the Jim Thorpe Area School Board is accepting letters of intent to fill a vacancy on the school board. Any interested resident of the Jim Thorpe Area School District is asked to submit the letter of intent by 4 pm on March 28th. Letters of intent may be submitted to the Jim Thorpe Area School District Office located at 410 Center Avenue Jim Thorpe, Pa 18229.

There will also be a special board meeting on April 10th to discuss potential individuals for the position.