Polk Elementary School celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday during Read Across America week in a way that would have made the beloved children's book author proud.

They started the day by reciting the "Reader's Pledge" by Debra Angstead. It goes like this ..."I promise to read each day and each night. I know it's the key to growing up right. I'll read to myself, I'll read to a crowd. It makes no difference if silent or loud. I'll read at my desk, at home and at school, on my bean bag or bed, by the fire or pool. Each book that I read puts smarts in my head 'cause brains grow more thoughts the more they are fed. Come rain or come shine, snow, wind or sleet, each day of the week reading's a treat. So I take this pledge to make reading my way of feeding my brain what it needs every day."

As a school, a Reading Tree was created. Students and staff wrote the name of their favorite book on a recycled paper leaf and placed them on the branches of the tree. Names of several Dr. Seuss books were on many of the leaves.

Thanks to Polk's PTO, the students were treated to a movie and popcorn. The movie was the original older version of Dr. Seuss's book "Lorax."

Dewey, the PVSD's bookmobile, visited the school and each student was invited to bring a book and take a book.

Members of PVHS's FBLA spent 45 minutes in each classroom of K-4 reading to the students and then listened to the younger students read to them. FBLA members helped make Cat in the Hat crafts with the students.

There was a Stop Drop and Read announcement during the day and the whole school read at the same time.

Julie Weiss, a Polk kindergarten teacher, said the students look forward to Dr. Seuss Day each year and her fellow teachers support anything that helps the students want to pick up a book and read.