Dear Editor:

Thanks for the opportunity to respond to Carolyn Padora's letter and present the facts on this matter.

Shortly after the filing deadline, it was brought to my attention that 20 of the 21 Padora petitions were notarized on the same date by the same notary. I was also informed that at least one of the circulators did not appear before the notary as required by law.

With this information, I contacted Attorney Christine Holman to look into the matter. After my attorney placed two calls to circulators – neither of which was to Carolyn Padora – she was contacted by Padora's attorney, Gretchen Sterns. Attorney Sterns advised my attorney that she was representing Larry Padora and all of the circulators, with the exception of one, and that all inquiries should be made through her.

This issue has nothing to do with the integrity of any of the circulators. I would bet that some may not even realize that they had to appear personally before the notary. It all has to do with Larry Padora and his campaign knowing and following the rules as set forth by the law. The same rules that I followed to assure the "open, fair and honest campaign for state representative" as noted by Mrs. Padora.

Let me finish by noting that I have known and respected Carolyn Padora for all my life and that she is in my prayers.

Rep. Jerry Knowles