Volunteers with the new Tamaqua Community Arts Center held part two of the center's grand opening during Tamaqua's Summerfest on Sunday. The event consisted of many attractions; such as music and entertainment, large art show, food and other activities.

Tying it all together with Summerfest, center volunteers also performed all around Tamaqua with the center's "Music & Arts in the Streets" program. Later in the day, spectators could find strolling musicians and center volunteers performing on the corners and in Depot Square.

Featured performers were Cassidy Munley, 16, singer/guitarist; Cliff and Norm, old time music-dulcimer, banjo, guitar; Sean McGeehan, acoustic guitar/singer; Kathy Rimm, acoustic guitar/singer; The Strawberry Playhouse; The Coalcracker Barbershop Chorus and others. Also helping promote the center's grand opening was Lizard Creek, who performed outside the Hergarty Blacksmith Shop.

In addition to the many performers, the event consisted of a large inside art show, consisting of art work form over a dozen artists, such as Linda DeCarlo, Roberta Chinchar, Myrtle Creitz, Robert Huegel, Kathy Rimm, Kim Woodward's student collage, Lori Remmel's student graphic works, Kim Grant, Theodore Clemson, Andrea Bowen, Janet Dean, C. Marie Ward, Rose Beck, Lynn Creitz, Karen Leibenguth, Tracy Perry, Jacob Gursky, Panther Valley school artwork, Marnie Schock, Tom Evans, Jackie Schaeffer, Duane Allen, Jordan Leibenguth, Lauren Kleinberg, Irene Frangioudakis and so on.

"Overall, the event was a great success," said event coordinators Rose Beck and Kim Grant.

Later in the day, the center continued its event by offering concerts with performers Faith Roberts, 12; Malibu band; Shane Mulligan, 17; Damian Munoz, 16; and Ivan Munoz, 17; Headlining Category 5 Trio featuring Tamaqua's Kathy Rimm; and others.

"It was fabulous. We had just under 200 people stop to look at the art or enjoy the entertainment," said Leona Rega, center coordinator. "We had a lot of interest in what we are doing in the way of art and music."

Leona added that volunteers are looking for ceramics, pottery, jewelry making, adult art classes, instrument lessons and more.

Micah Gursky, center director, said, "We are always looking to host concerts for bands or any interested individuals that poss talent they want to share."

For more information about future events, meetings or to volunteer, visit www.TamaquaArts.org, their Facebook page or email Rega at leona@tacp.info.