Lansford liquor store manager Joann Thomas of Weatherly was just about to park her blue Jeep in front of the business at about 10:50 a.m. Friday morning when the vehicle jumped the curb, flattened a parking meter and struck the front door, shattering it.

"The car wouldn't stop," Thomas said.

No one was hurt, and borough councilman Lenny Kovach, who is head of the borough work crew, backed the car off the sidewalk and into the street, where it was then towed.

Kovach then sawed off the few inches of jagged stump that was left of the meter.

An upset Thomas, 35, was comforted by Lansford resident Marie Ondrus, who was in the area for a ribbon-cutting a few doors down the street.

Police Chief John Turcmanovich and Officer Chris Ondrus were at the scene within minutes, as was a paramedic.