Polk Elementary School's remedial math teacher Mrs. Jennifer Krebs put out a challenge to all second grade students to try to raise $500 in the Math-a-thon.

The money raised would be donated to St. Jude's Hospital.

As additional incentive, she told them if they reached their goal, they would be treated to a pajama party in school.

The students had to receive permission from their parents to participate.

Those who did, asked for sponsors, then received a 20-page booklet of math problems and were given a week to complete it. If they completed it, they collected the money they raised from their sponsors.

Not only did they reach their goal, they far and above exceeded it, raising $2,516.

"We're very proud of them," says Principal Joseph Kondisko.

As their reward, the students were allowed to wear their pajamas to school on May 31, bring their favorite stuffed animal and treated to a popular movie.

"They love this," says Mrs. Krebs. The children were all sitting and laying on the gym floor in their pajamas watching a popular children's movie, the other part of their reward.

The top fundraisers in each of the four second grade classrooms were Savannah Geer, Seth Heil, Kyle Lescinsky and Ryan Bonser.

They were treated to having lunch with Mr. Kondisko.

The Math-a-thon added up two lesson goals.

One was to provide a way to help students hone their math skills and another was to do something to help other children who are hurting.

That equals a win-win for everyone.