Just call them wheelers and dealers.

That's essentially what Slatington Elementary students were as they took part in a recent Book Swap.

Kristie Borger, Title I Reading Specialist, said the students received tickets for every book they brought in. The tickets were then placed in baskets, and later picked for prizes.

Borger, who estimated about 2,500 books were brought in by the students over a one-week span, said the book swap served dual purposes.

"We wanted to to get new books in the hands of students," she said. "They've loved it, and everybody left with books."

The activity certainly proved to be popular with the students.

Fourth-grade pupil Jacob Merkle held a copy of The Wimpy Kid Movie Diary.

"You get books and can always read them when you want," said Jacob, 9.

Fellow fourth-grader Zach Moyer took it a step further.

"You can bring in your old books and turn them in for new ones," said Zach, 10. "Then they put the books in a jug, and pick for prizes."

Borger said the book swap was a win-win for the students.

"This way, everybody's getting some, especially with summer coming," she said. "The kids are very excited."