The May 21 meeting of the Palmerton Lions Club, held at the Fireline Hotel, began with the invocation asking God to "be with us as we plan ways to help the community."

Lions were asked to bring non-perishable foods to the meetings at the Fireline. The first meeting of the month - the first Monday - is held in the Knights' Gallery of the Palmerton Area Library and on the third Monday it is at the Fireline.

As part of the eyeglass report, Jim Scheckler said there have been 350 pairs collected and more are coming in.

President George Unangst welcomed Bob Neumoyer, past district governor, who was there to install new officers. Neumoyer thanked the club for inviting him and said it was great to visit any club, especially one that's as hard working as Palmerton. To Chaplain John Hazel he said the club makes him feel at home when it starts with the Pledge and "America." "We need all the spiritual guidance we can get."

Neumoyer began the Lion of the Year presentation by saying, "Since I've been past district governor I've seen Lions that stand out. It's what people do. No matter what you need, he's there. For outstanding service the Lion of the Year award goes to Nick Hawkey."

New officers were installed by Neumoyer. Betty Silliman is the Lion Tamer. Her job is to change the banner and take care of the gavel, while helping the president.

The Tail Twister is a position taken for granted. It is up to you to add fun to the night, Neumoyer told Karen Green.

The directors are Domenica "Menna" Borger, Jim Scheckler and Leonard Borger. Neumoyer likes to see new people come on the board. It's the best way to know what's going on, he said.

Nick Hawkey is the membership chairman. You have to inspire the membership team. There is nothing magical about getting new members. You just have to ask, Neumoyer said.

The Pennsylvania Plan is a social guest night. Everyone is responsible for bringing a guest and possible member. Nick said every month Alicia Silliman prints things with his name and phone number and he never gets a call - 610-826-6465.

The more heads, hands and hearts in the club, the better it is, said Neumoyer.

Alicia Silliman is the program chairman. Anyone with ideas should suggest them.

The vice presidents are Nick Hawkey, Dolores Unangst, 2nd vice president; and Mildred Hawkey, 3rd vice president. George Unangst continues as president.

The vice president is a member of the district governor's advisory council and serves as liaison for the club.

Mark Green and assistant Jim Scheckler are treasurers. They answer to the board and set a budget for the year.

There is no secretary to be installed and Neumoyer said it is difficult to function without a participating secretary.

"Lions, be visible and help your club," Neumoyer said. "It is the members who stand up that help the club. Don't be afraid to dream. Challenge yourself."

Three Leo's, the youth branch of Lions, attended a leadership program. The club looks forward to having them do some volunteer work.

A check was presented to the Blue Mountain Health System in the name of Claire Heiny who was at the Summit.

Two organizations that were offered donations at Spirit Night did not attend. The bylaws say they should not get their checks. It was voted to follow that ruling since it is for the community and attendance is considered a community event.