Dear Editor:

How does one thank someone for continuing a tradition?

This past Sunday was the 100th birthday of the Tamaqua Community Pool (The Bungalow) and the 23rd year that Dave Cipko and for the first year, his wife Marion donated their time and talent for our annual "splash day."

The last 22 years it was Dave Cipko and Jack O'Brien who donated their time but as many of us know Jack passed away this past winter. But as they say, the show must go on ... And that is just what happened on Sunday.

So thank you Marian and Dave Cipko. May we have another 100 happy and healthy years together and also thanks to Jack. I know you were watching over us today with a smile on your face for the perfect day and great crowds we had for our 100th birthday.

Hopefully our tradition will continue so that many people can join in on the fun.


Kay Hartshorne,

of the original

Bungalow Beauties