Members of Boy Scout Troop 555, Penn Forest Township, recently took an exciting three day 25-mile canoe trip on the Delaware River from Milford to the Delaware Water Gap.

They covered eight miles the first day, approximately 17 campsites at Toms Creek and then onto Tocks Island the second day, there they spent the night. There was six miles to finish up on the last day to reach the Delaware Water Gap.

"This was the fourth time that our troop has taken a trip," said Ray Attewell, Scoutmaster. "I love this trip because it is the epitome of what scouting is all about. It's high adventure. It's challenging, educational, and it necessitates teamwork."

Attewell added that there were five brand new scouts with us this year.

"The boys learned not only how to work with a partner in a canoe, but also to work with the troop with setting up camp, cooking, cleaning, etc.," he said.

Attewell said that while he was not worried about this year's canoe adventure, he was cautious because there were five brand new scouts in the troop and five other scouts had no river experience. He was also concerned that only four adults had signed on.

"We had to make several buddy changes," he noted.

Despite the slow start, the first day, the scouts arrived at camp with ample daylight remaining. In the morning the scouts were treated to a spectacular mist-covered river.

While the wind was strong the first day, the wind was on their backs, but the second day, the wind was just as strong, but this time it was in their faces. Many on the trip, leaders included, had trouble keeping their canoes traveling south and a A few spun out of control. On the last day, the group finished in less than 20 minutes apart.

During the trip, the scouts saw ample wildlife, Eagles, deer, turtles sunning themselves, and tons of fish.