The seventh annual Race Street Run, sponsored by St. Mark's Church, was run this past Saturday through the streets and byways of Jim Thorpe in simmering heat and humidity.

The run, which benefits the restoration of the church's set of 12 bells in the church tower, consisted of both four-mile and 15K (9.3 miles) races.

Volunteers manned water stops and checkpoints along the race routes, the longer of which extended to Mauch Chunk Lake Park before returning to Race Street and St. Mark's Church.

The races had "staggered" starts with the four-mile run starting at 8:30 a.m. and the 15K run starting at 8:45 am.

Both runs started on Broadway in front of the Carbon County Courthouse and finished on Race Street at St. Mark's Church.

After the completion of each race, awards were presented along with refreshments for the runners.

The event was revived by St. Mark's Church, which took over the race in 2006, having last been run prior to that in the mid 90s by the Switchback Road Runners.

Race Street Run Director Angi O'Hara said that it as "a family-oriented event with whole families coming out to participate."

In the four-mile event, the overall winners and their times were:

Men 1st - Mikael Hause 23:02; 2nd - Tyler Ravert 24:05; 3rd - Matthew Werner 24:05.

Women 1st - Samantha Snukis 24:53; 2nd - Alexandra Bull 25:04; 3rd - Amber Grello 28:58.

In the 15K event, the overall winners and their times were:

Men 1st - Justin Scheid 52:26; 2nd - Mike Carriglitto 55:59; 3rd - Jason Kennedy 56:23.

Women 1st - Samantha Snead 58:51; 2nd - Marie Winters 1:04:47; 3rd - Becki Pierotti 1:05:52.

Additional awards were also presented to men and women by age categories.