The driver of a pickup truck involved in a violent crash overnight Saturday in Mahoning Township is fighting for his life after laying exposed to sub freezing temperatures for an undetermined amount of time.

Emergency personnel and police do not know when the crash occurred but some people who passed the scene overnight say the truck was at the scene for hours.

Due to the distance the unit was off the roadway witnesses could not determine if the truck had been in an accident or was simply parked on the lawn.

The owner of the home at the intersection of Fritz Valley and Chapel Roads, Thomas Zimmerman IV, discovered the pickup truck against his house when he awoke at 7:43 a.m. Sunday.

Zimmerman immediately phone 9-1-1.

It was reported that the driver of the pick-up truck, Keith F. Oliver, 25, of the 600 block of Ridge Road, Andreas, was lying across the front seat of the vehicle.

There was some damage reported to the Zimmerman residence.

The driver was traveling south on Fritz Valley road just clearing the Normal Square intersection when he lost control swerving to the right entering a grass lawn then striking the corner of the home. The truck continued on impacting with a stone wall head-on.

Zimmerman said he never heard the impact.

Oliver was freed from the wreckage by members of the Mahoning Valley Fire company. He was treated at the scene for his injuries and severe hypothermia by members of the Mahoning Valley ambulance and Lehighton paramedics before being flown by the Penn Star helicopter to St Luke's Hospital Trauma Center in Bethlehem.

After being treated for his severe injuries he was placed in a thermal bag for his hypothermia.

The pickup truck was bearing Alabama registration. Mahoning Valley fire police maintained traffic control at the scene.

Mahoning township police are investigating the incident.