Your article about the Republican committee meeting and chairman election at the New Ringgold Fire Company didn't tell the real story. I have never seen an adult act as unprofessionally as Dave Argall did that night.

He demanded the Committee endorse him at that meeting, and when Larry Padora explained to him that the bylaws don't allow for an endorsement until Spring, he became very upset and began attacking Padora. The way he yelled at other Republicans at the top of his lungs and bullied them into supporting his candidate for chairman was an absolute disgrace. I and my family have always supported Argall in the past, but never again.

I understand now why Argall's own hometown voted against him in his last election. Argall was completely off the rails because he couldn't cope with the concept of a committee that actually does its job and holds him accountable for his actions, like voting for tax increases, pay raises, and siding with unions over small business.

Dave Argall has become the political dictator of Schuylkill County. Heaven help him if video footage of that meeting ever shows up on YouTube, because he'll never win an election for dog catcher.

Gene Moerder,