Dawn Ferrante, executive director of the Carbon County Economic Development Corporation, said PPL has been very generous again to the EDC.

She said corporation grants totaling $11,000.00 were given during 2011.

"PPL has been a long-time supporter of economic development, not just in Carbon County, but across their entire service region," she said. "They understand that by supporting these types of organizations they are better the communities in which they serve.

Paul Canevari, spokesman for PPL, said, "Economic Development continues to evolve to address the needs and issues in our communities. Regardless of the focus, whether it be industrial development or entrepreneurial programs, PPL is committed to forwarding the mission of the CCEDC. To raise the standard of living for residents and create strong communities. There has never been a more important time to support economic development. "

The grants received in 2011 helped to defray the costs of advertising and marketing efforts of the CCEDC, Ferrante said. Also, the support went to help further the education and outreach of the organization via public service announcements and a series of entrepreneurial workshops aimed at assisting small business owners get started.

She stated, "PPL is the CCEDC's strongest corporate partner. Every year they participate, at the Board level, via economic development seminars and events, and via their Blue Ribbon marketing grant program. We are thankful and appreciate of all they do for us."