The heavily-used basketball courts near the Ginder Field in Summit Hill will be replaced.

Monica Marshall, president of the Summit Hill Recreation Commission, said ground might be broken as early as March 1 for the new courts.

She told Summit Hill Borough Council that the courts will be possible thanks to a $75,000 grant obtained through the Summit Hill Community Improvement Organization (SHCIO).

Marshall said the existing double courts will be replaced with two courts that will have benches between them for the participating teams.

In addition, there will be three smaller courts built for younger children.

The basketball courts are utilized by a summer league and are used heavily by local youngsters who get together for games.

The Ginder Field area has had numerous improvements in recent years, with more planned.

Last summer, several new rides were installed.

Marshall said the Recreation Commission is hoping to build a volleyball court in the near future.

She also said that the condemned bleachers on the west side of the field may soon be demolished and a cinder shed installed in its place.

Presently the anti-skid materials for the borough's maintenance department are stored under the bleachers.

The bleachers have deteriorated and for several years have been deemed off-limits to the public.

In other Recreation Commission news, Marshall said the annual Stay-at-Home Memorial Day Weekend Festival is slated for May 26 and 27.

She said one of the objectives this year is to have more local organizations have food stands and share in the festival's anticipated financial success.

She added that general volunteers are needed to help with the festival.