Genghis Khan, or "GK" for short, is a special show dog who seems to know he is extraordinary.

It shows in his walk. It shows in stance. And it's in his genes.

This special chow chow is son of the famous Maddox, who won the "Best in Breed" last year in the prestigious Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Maddox retired last year.

Today, GK is preparing to compete in this year's 136th Westminster show which will be held next Monday and Tuesday at Madison Square Garden, New York City. His handler is Jan Kolnik of Palmerton.

His owners are Karen Tracy, who has had tremendous success breeding champion show chow chow dogs at the Pazzazz Boarding Kennel in Franklin Township, and American business magnate Martha Stewart who is readily recognized for her nationally-syndicated talk show, best-selling books and Martha Stewart Living magazine.

Tracy, who has been raising dogs for the past 18 years, loves the reddish colored chow chows and knows what it takes to breed champions. As owner of Pazzazz, she was personally devastated when an explosion and fire at the kennel claimed 17 dogs in March 2009.

Tracy said that GK will be appearing on Martha's television show on Wednesday, Feb. 15, the day after the Westmnister show ends. In fact, GK has been a frequent visitor at the broadcasting studio, spending time with the audience as the Martha Stewart Show is airing.

"At first, Martha had decided not to show GK, but since then she changed her mind and GK has taken to it," said Tracy. "Most times when you want to show a dog you start working with them when they are much younger than GK. GK took to showing quite well."

GK started his show career three months ago and he is already a champion. He earned his AKC Championship title in time to qualify for the Westminster show. His appearances have been at dog shows in Bloomsburg, Pa., Syracuse, N.Y., Providence, R.I., West Springfield, Mass., and West Friendship, Md.

This weekend's preparation for Westminster will be quite thorough.

"We'll be giving him the spa treatment," said Kolnik. "It takes about five hours to bath him and blow him dry."

She said GK thrives on the attention.

GK will be going to the Plaza in New York City on Sunday, where he will meet up with Martha Stewart and stay with her overnight before the show. Martha will be picking up Tracy and Kolnik to take them to Madison Square Garden.

"GK is a happy dog," said Kolnik. "He likes to play by himself with his toys."

Tracy is ecstatic that GK has taken to showing so well.

"GK has a lot of mannerisms like his father, Maddox" said Kolnik. "Maddox was a champion and now his son is following his lead."