Dear Editor:

"Free thinking," human secularists CHOOSE to ignore the truth!

Science has provided us with the truth. Every Ash Wednesday, those of us who know the truth proclaim the truth for all the world to know.

The following is taken from the book "The Fifth Miracle: The Search for the Origin and Meaning of Life," by physicist Paul Davies.

"When an organism dies and decays, its atoms and released back into the environment. Some of them eventually become part of other organisms. Simple statistics reveal that your body contains about one atom of carbon from every milligram of dead organic material more than a thousand years old. This simple fact has some amazing implications. You are for example, host to a billion or so atoms that once belonged to Jesus Christ, or Julius Ceasar or the Buddha or the tree that the Buddha once sat beneath.

Next time you look at your body, reflect on the long and eventful history of its atoms, and remember that the flesh you see and the eyes you see them with ARE LITERALLY MADE OF STARDUST.

Michael S. Rother