Panther Valley Elementary School students who earned Golden Tickets for good behavior were treated to a play followed by hot chocolate and cookies.

School district Drama Club seniors performed Toy School for the children, who arrived via the "Panther Valley Express." The older children attended the play in the morning, and the younger ones in the afternoon.

The event was modeled on the popular movie, Polar Express, about a boy whose belief in Santa Claus is restored after a nighttime visit to the North Pole aboard a magical train.

Drama Club advisers John Cooper and Donna Luckenbill guided the show. High School Principal Joseph Gunnels introduced the children to the play, gently telling them about the appearance of a witch, and that the lights would dim a bit while the play was being performed.

The Golden Tickets are awarded as part of the district's Positive Behavior Support program, which fosters respect for oneself and others. The program, also in place in the Jim Thorpe Area School District, is tailored to each grade level.

The elementary school's Positive Behavior Support program began last fall. The gist of the program is to "catch children being good." In the elementary school, employees, including cafeteria workers, custodians and bus staff, instantly reward good behavior with tickets, which list the child's name, grade and homeroom. The tickets can then be exchanged for small prizes, or, in this case, attendance at the play.