In the rescue field, it's imperative to have the proper equipment necessary to carry out the task.

Thanks to the receipt of a 31-inch Push-Pull Ram Accessory Kit, members of the Palmerton Fire Department Station No. 1 feel they're better equipped to make the save.

Specifically, the equipment is used to extricate drivers from wrecked vehicles, according to Larry Zawaly, assistant chief, who added the total cost of all the equipment was about $8,000.

The equipment is currently housed on the engine at station No. 1, said Zawaly. It was purchased through a combination of grant money, as well as the combined efforts of members of the Palmerton Fire Department, which raised money through fundraisers and breakfasts, he said.

"It's a great addition to the system we had," Zawaly said. "Now we have almost everything we need."

Christine Obrecht, secretary, said the fire department is extremely grateful for the addition.

"Fundraisers help the fire department tons," Obrecht said. "We appreciate the public's support."

Jereme Barkanic, member, added "we appreciate the community support."