The fifth grade students of the L.B. Morris Elementary School in Jim Thorpe learned first hand about political campaigns and elections.

Homeroom teacher Mrs. Susan Barford explained "this was a culminating activity to end a unit on the elections since it was a Presidential election year."

"All four of the fifth grade homerooms worked on the concepts of a campaign and the responsibilities of a President and Vice President."

"After reading all of the materials and doing some activities, we had a class election."

"The class was broken up doing different jobs that were actual authentic jobs in a real campaign."

"We had a primary election and then a final election and a President and Vice President were elected."

"The elected students were sworn in by Assistant Principal Mr. Dave McAndrew with oaths that took their words from the real oaths."

"Parts of the oaths were taken out and replaced with principals of the TORCH program here at L.B. Morris."

Presidential oath "I do solemnly promise that I will faithfully execute the office of Class President of the L.B. Morris fifth grade and will to the best of my ability preserve encourage and model the TORCH mission of teamwork, organization, respect, choice, and honor."

Vice Presidential oath "I do solemnly promise that I will support and model the TORCH mission that I have faith and its principles of teamwork, organization, respect, choice, and honor; that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office which I am about to enter."

After the inaugurations, all of the students attended an inaugural ball complete with a dance and snacks.

Each of the elected Presidents and Vice Presidents also received a medal and a certificate.

Along with Mrs. Susan Barford, the other fifth grade homeroom teachers are Miss Joann Donati, Mrs. Jodi McAndrew, and Mrs. Allison Adams.