"The artwork presented in this show is a new series of work in keeping with contemporary standards," said artist Kathleen Leist of Jim Thorpe as she described her gallery currently on display at the Tamaqua Community Arts Center. Her 2012 collection of about two dozen pieces of art range from facial expressionism, collage and mixed media.

'A visual image is usually obtained and initiated by an idea in conjunction with a social issue," said Leist as she described her artistic methods.

Leist, who has had a passion for drawing since first grade, recalled her first grade teacher praising her for her work. That motivated her to continue her lifelong passion of art. Leist also has attended art courses at Arcadia University, Tyler School of Art and University of Hawaii. She has also displayed her work at various colleges and private galleries.

Her work, all created this year, will be on display at the center, 125 Pine Street, during events until Sept. 20.

Kim Grant, center volunteer and art gallery coordinator, stated her appreciation to Leist for display her works.

"To express the images on an individual level requires both innovative creativity and spontaneity," said Leist. "The image if created in this manner and in its completion is considered as one of abstract expressionism."