The frisky antics of a puppy or the nudging of a warm wet nose for more pats on the head can bring a smile to everyone. At Mrs. Bush's Personal Care Homes' 6th Annual Pet Show, there were miles of smiles all around as 11 adorable dogs participated in various categories.

Those that brought their pets to visit with the residents were: Karen Steinmetz with Rita, a Toy Poodle, 13; Sherri Vertolomo with Baxter; Dorothy Holmgren with Corrie, a Border Collie; Linda Breitlauch with Tequila, a Chihuahua; Mary Jane Sterling with King Dougal, a Scottish Terrier, 4 1/2; Christel Dennis with Honey, a Pomeranian, 3; Mary Anne Keiper with Gordie, a Pomeranian,16; Lee Ann Smolick with Bear, a Burmese Mountain Dog, 4; Ita Breitlauch with Shatzie, a Chihuahua, 5; Carol Fuller with Dior, a Party Poodle, 6; Colette Frable with Timmy, a four-month-old Beagle/Pug puppy.

The winners in each category were: Smallest-Dior; Biggest-Bear; Most Unique-Timmy; Most Talented-King Dougal; Best Mannered-a tie between Gordie and Bear; Silliest-a tie between Honey (dressed in a dress and straw hat) and Dior (dressed in a witch's costume); Cutest-a tie between Rita (dressed in a Candy Corn witch's costume) and King Dougal (wearing a crown and a royal vest); Pet and Owner Look Alike-Sherri Vertolomo and Baxter, dressed as Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz" and Toto.

After the tough judging, pets and owners received certificates and prizes. Refreshments were served to all.