The Western Pocono Community Library held a Tricky Tray fundraising event at the library last Thursday. Several people attended, purchased their tickets and eagerly awaited a chance to win.

Or was it just a Tricky Tray event?

The Pleasant Valley High School band marched over to the library and played a mini concert for the patrons, leading with the familiar football game staple from Survivor, "Eye of the Tiger."

It was finally time to announce the winners of each of the great prizes, ranging from the complete set of Stephen King's "Dark Tower" series to American flags and many other wonderful gifts. About halfway through the announcement of prize winners, music suddenly filled the library.

A person jumped out from behind a book shelf. Then, another person appeared from the book shelf behind her. Then, another and another.

As strains of "Eye of the Tiger" played, 16 people throughout the library did a choreographed dance, moving toward the front of the circulation desk.

WPCL had just been Flash Mobbed.

The idea originated from Patti Weiss, Circulation Desk Manager/Cataloging Manager."I was looking for something new and different and the one thing no one expects librarians to do is Dance in the library. I also wanted to show that the library is a fun place to be and that there is more going on than just books," she said. "The basic purpose for doing the Flash Mob was for fun. And I think we accomplished that."

The Flash Mob consisted of eight library staff members and the other eight were volunteers from the community, ranging in ages 10-65. They began rehearsing June 1, meeting 19 times. With the help of her daughter, Megan, Patti had broken the choreography up into segments that were videotaped and she put them on YouTube links so the participants could practice at home.

Patti asked PVHS band director James DeVivo to bring the band over to the library "to not only showcase the Band, which a lot of people in this area do not get to see, but I also wanted to use them as a sort of a teaser. They played 'The Eye of the Tiger' a few times outside before coming inside the building. Another great reason for having the PV band come over to the library was to show the teens in the band that the library could be a cool place to be. I did have one of the drummers from the band, Stephen Koster, dance with Megan in front of the desk to get things started and at the end when I made my escape to turn the music off. All just trying to show the teens that the library can be fun."

Patti thanks everyone who participated in donating, dancing, videotaping, photographing, etc. and most of all "Thank you to all of the wonderful people who came out and took a chance on the 57 prizes. It was a huge success and we want people to keep their eyes and ears open because there's going to be a lot more exciting things happening at the library," said Patti.