Contractors from Bruce and Merrilees Electric Company spent time Wednesday and today relocating one of many signs routinely struck by vehicles at a number of intersections in Tamaqua.

The new pedestrian walk lights and other signs were installed at numerous intersections on SR209 between SR309 and Greenwood Street and both lanes of SR309 between Spruce and Elm streets.

The work is being done as part of the PennDOT's Tamaqua CBD project, which was designed to help improve safety and mitigate traffic congestion in downtown, was done by Bruce-Merrilees Electrical Company. Some aspects included in the project are traffic signal upgrades, railroad/emergency services traffic signal preemption devices, pedestrian signal upgrades, new curb ramps and new signs. Since the end of the work, on average, a sign in either heavily damaged or destroyed about four to five times a month.