A bold and magnificent-looking bronze eagle has taken its place solemnly overlooking the borough of Jim Thorpe.

The long-awaited eagle finally arrived and has been installed on the top of the World War I Memorial located in Memorial Park on East 10th Street in the borough.

The monument, which was originally unveiled and dedicated more than 90 years ago on Oct. 15, 1921, honors veterans who fought in what was originally known simply as the "World War" or the "Great War" but later became known as "World War I," after the second outbreak of war in Europe in 1939.

The monument in Jim Thorpe, which remembers that great conflict, underwent a total restoration last year through the hard work and dedication of the World War I Memorial Restoration Committee and the Jim Thorpe Lions Club.

The refurbishment of the monument included cleaning an original bronze plaque from 1921, repointing all of the masonry work on the monument, and removing a concrete fountain, which was no longer functional.

In addition to a World War I battlefield scene, the original bronze plaque also reads "in grateful memory of those from this community who so faithfully served in the World War."

Two new bronze plaques, measuring 24 inches by 24 inches, were also installed during the restoration last year.

The two new plaques contain the names of nearly 500 veterans from Mauch Chunk, East Mauch Chunk and the outlying township, who at that time served in World War I.

While the new bronze plaques were made by Walter's Monument Company of Summit Hill, the newly-installed eagle was created by Pa. Monument Company of Hazleton.

Landscaping around the base of both the monument and the existing nearby flagpole was completed by Day's Landscaping and Storage Solutions of Jim Thorpe.

The members of the World War I Monument Restoration Committee who oversaw the restoration included Chairperson Ron Sheehan, Chairperson Edith Lukasevich, Jolene Evans, attorney Carole Walbert, Ben Walbert, Jim Pompa, Patty Herman and Frank Sebelin.