After finding shingles had caused $1,000 worth of damage to his car, Roger Ahner brought his complaint to Weissport Council.

Ahner said that his neighbor purchased the home next door, which is dropping shingles from the roof every time there is a storm.

"I've had $1,000 worth of damage to my car," said Ahner. "I don't know his name, but I did catch him at the house and told him, and he offered me $100."

Ahner said that he is at his wits end.

Attorney Michael Greek said that council could turn over the problem to the building inspector and advised Ahner to find an attorney and file a civil suit against his neighbor.

Ahner brought several pieces of shingle along to the meeting to show council what the debris looks like.

Also bringing a complaint to council was Robert Hoffman, who said his neighbors allow their two cats to run at large and are ripping open his trash.

Attorney Greek said that there is no law to prevent cats from being outdoors.

He said that when he had a personal issue with cats he contacted Friends of Animals and they were helpful with getting rid of feral cats, but since these cats may be domesticated, that might not be the issue.

"We don't have enough information," said Greek.

After Hoffman left the building, councilman Tim Rehrig said that possibly Hoffman could put his trash in a container and that would alleviate the problem.

Arland Moyer, councilman, asked council to approve purchasing gates at the playground to replace fencing.

Moyer said that he would check with how wide the area needs to be and provide a cost estimate.

Recently council members and Weissport Recreation Committee purchase rubber mulch to spread at the playground and found that the fencing needed to be removed to allow the dumping of the mulch.

"We'll be faced with replacing mulch on a regular basis," said Gene Kershner, council president. "We might as well put in gates."