Imagine a shop that not only sells firearms, but will also provide the know-how to get the right one.

Without question, the recently-opened Hillbilly Shootin' Irons in Palmerton is not just a store, but much, much more.

Located at 202 Delaware Avenue, Suite 2, the business is a full service dealer/store with 40 years of experience in reloading and shooting knowledge.

The business offers gunsmith services, as well as reloading supplies and equipment, according to owner Russ Unangst, who runs the shop along with his companion, Josephine Cacace.

Unangst said the shop specializes in reloading components, processed ready to load brass, reloading instructions, scopes, shotgun shells, and ammunition. It also buys and sells used equipment, makes quality cast bullets, and buys lead, he said.

"We're half of what we want to be," Unangst said. "We will be a full-service sporting goods shop."

Above all else, Unangst said the business is "basically looking to fill a need that's not being filled around here."

In addition, Unangst said classes on how to reload are offered to customers.

"It's a never-ending learning experience," he said. "We can teach them the basics in about two hours time; they're only limited by how much they want to pursue it."

Another vital aspect of the business is the instruction it offers customers, Unangst said.

"People can come in for information," he said. "We're here for the customer."

Unangst, who previously ran the same business in the Poconos for 15 years, said the shop will likely hold a grand opening by the end of the month.

Hillbilly Shootin' Irons is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

For more information, call 610-990-3781, or visit