Outdoorsmen with an affinity for stuffed and mounted animal skins should take heed.

For the past 26 years, Bob's Wildlife Taxidermy in Orefield has utilized only top of the line materials to create mounts.

Located at 4642 Kernsville Road, the taxidermy has been chosen as Business of the Month by the Greater Northern Lehigh Chamber of Commerce.

Bob V. Danenhower Sr., taxidermist and owner, said his business is a full service, full-time taxidermy operation that preserves animals all over the world in an artistic way.

Danenhower said it was a privilege for the business to receive the distinction bestowed upon it by the GNLCC.

"We feel much honored to have been chosen Business of the Month," Danenhower said. "It is truly an honor."

Danenhower said the forms selected for the mounts are purchased from company's that maintain a high standard of anatomical accuracy.

They use a high quality professional tannery to preserve the skin of trophies, and only the finest Quality glass eyes, he said. The mounts are custom fit hand sewn, glued, and upholster stapled together, which, combined with quality materials and craftsmanship, produces a mount that is mechanically sound and will last for generations to come, Danenhower said.

Even after all these years, Danenhower said the taxidermy business continues to go strong.

"We are blessed to be very busy, even in these hard economic times," he said. "Good service and quality have been our standard."

Danenhower added "staying abreast of new technology and materials has kept us on top of our game."

The majority of his customers are from Pennsylvania, as well as surrounding states, said Danenhower, who added that the Lehigh Valley has one of the largest populations of Big Game hunters in the world.

"They keep coming back and bringing their friends," he said. "We are one of the best in the area at what we do."

Live bait is sold in the spring months, while deer lures and scents are available in the fall, Danenhower said.

Danenhower said the business employs several part-time and seasonal helpers and artists.

The business is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Evenings and weekends are by appointment, he said.

For more information, call (610) 398-7609, or visit bobstaxidermy@ptd.net.