Manpower and funding are crucial to improving the playground area in Parryville, which received a considerable amount of discussion time at Tuesday's council meeting.

Jennifer Borger, council member, said that the playground is in sad shape and needs improvements. Over the years, equipment became outdated and unsafe and had to be removed.

"There is nothing there," said Borger. "When we were kids there was a lot of equipment."

Borger suggested that the project be offered as a senior project by a high school graduating senior.

Presently, there are two swing sets for a total of six swings hanging, with space for two more, along with four tires sunk in the ground, and a bar that could be used as a seesaw. There is no mulch or other materials underneath the equipment.

Geri Bonser, resident, suggested that a committee be formed to make improvements to the playground.

"It would give them something to do rather than run the streets," said Bonser. "There is a lot we could do. The area is underutilized."

Bonser said that in the past, the area was the site of community days, where people came together.

Mike Grant, council president, said that it would "take a good handful of people working together," and added that he would welcome a committee.

"We need to come up with a plan so that people have something to work with," said Grant.

Grant said that a grant for a pavilion at the playground was approved but never funded.

"We have too many roads that need to be done," said Grant, noting that the playground parking lot is slated for paving when the Main Street road project will be done.

Grant also said the basketball court needs resurfacing.

A local resident also asked council's help in slowing down traffic on Fireline Road near her home.

She said that she has been nearly hit twice by cars and that many cars still end up in the creek because they drive too fast.

Grant suggested a "temporary hump" or "texturing on the road," to slow traffic. He also suggested that a stop sign might slow traffic and make the area safer.