The weather was perfect for the kick-off Saturday of the sprucing-up of Lansford's public swimming pool.

A group of volunteers. lead by the borough's Parks and Recreation Board, worked hard and had fun as they cleared out storage buildings, swept up debris and raked leaves.

John Bachert brought his two sons along.

"I told them that if they want to swim, they have to work," he said as he inspected a power washer.

As he checked the machine, which would be used by borough police officer Chris Ondrus to scour out a building, Parks and Recreation Board member Shawn Clark lugged trash cans full of debris from the concession stand. He and a group of teens from the Carbon County Juvenile Probation Department gave the stand a thorough cleaning.

Board member Irma Leibensperger swept out a changing room as Mary Ann Krajnak carried and sorted piles of stuff from a storage building.

The volunteers have rallied the community to help revitalize the pool and its outbuildings.

St. Luke's Miners Memorial Hospital, Coaldale, lent the aid of employees and engineering department technician Trahn Thompson, who are sponsoring a first aid room. The Lansford fire department will be painting, and installing new rope on the flagpole.

Work sessions will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturdays on April 21 and April 24. Anyone wanting to help is asked to call Marie Ondrus at (570) 645 -7766. Volunteers will need to bring rakes, brooms and buckets. Sponsors include Fred Johnson; the Lansford branch of the Jim Thorpe National Bank; Northeast Chemical Supply Co., Inc.; Valley Athletic Supply; Silberline; and Vermillion Dental, Summit Hill.