Be prepared to show picture identification when you walk into that voting booth next Tuesday.

Although a new state law requiring voters to present picture identification doesn't go into effect until November, local election officials are giving people a practice run by asking for the cards at the Primary polls, Carbon County Director of Elections Lisa R. Dart told commissioners Thursday.

She said her office has been getting calls and questions about the new law.

"There are a lot of people saying they don't know what they need, they don't have a driver's license, they don't have a way to get there (to a state licensing center), just a lot of things," she said. "we're training all our judges. Every time someone comes in to vote, regardless of whether it's a new voter, first-time voter, they have to ask for I.D. We're just trying to get everyone used to it for November."

If voters do not have identification, they'll still be able to cast a ballot. Election judges will give them an information card listing what they need to get a free voter I.D.

Those who do not have the required identification can still vote in November, but will have to get the proper identification within six days.

Also, Dart said, there are 18,748 registered Democrats in the county, and 14,305 Republicans.