Weatherly Area High School's Math Competition Team, which has excelled in competitions this year, added to their accolades when three members of the team competed in Muhlenberg College's 34th Annual High School Mathematics Contest on Feb. 25 and brought home the first place prize.

The team competed against eight other high school math teams. The competition had two sections: a lightning round, where scores were based on rapid, 30-second responses to short answer questions; and written responses to longer, more open ended problems.

The complete five-member team also competed at the March 14 competition at Bucknell University. In that event, 28 high school teams took a two-hour examination, which included 36 math questions.

Weatherly's team correctly answered more questions than any of the other teams. Christopher Hunt was awarded top honors in the individual competition, answering 33 of the 36 problems.

On March 25, the team competed at Marywood University. Hunt was awarded first place in the Level II competition, answering 39 of the 40 questions, in one hour's time. That was after Hunt challenged the test, noting that two of the questions were graded incorrectly.

Hunt was correct and the tests were regraded, giving him the top spot.