Whether you own one horse, cow, pig or goat, or hundreds, you must have a manure management plan in place to make sure their waste doesn't foul water supplies.

The plan must be kept on-site and should include information on:

Ÿ Acres of the operation: owned and rented

Ÿ Animals on the operation: Type, number and days on the farm per year

Ÿ Manure application rates and timing

Ÿ Identification of environmentally sensitive areas

Ÿ Winter application details

Ÿ Manure storage facilities: Identifying the type of tank, structure, pond or lagoon

Ÿ Solid manure stockpiling or stacking, if manure is stockpiled or stacked outdoors

Ÿ Identification of pasture areas and list acres: Owned or rented

Ÿ Identification of animal concentration areas: Owned and rented

Source: Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection