Chrisanne Powell, Panther Valley Middle School teacher initiated the school's recycling program at the beginning of 2010-2011. She and sixth grade teacher Shannon McBride are the co-advisors of the club.

One of the specific goals of the Recycling Club is to educate the middle school's students and staff in the importance of recylcing. The Recycling Club which is separate from the "green bin" teams consists of 35 students in grades six, seven, and eight. In order to remain in the club, students must be actively involved in recycling, maintain a grade point average of 65% or better in major subject areas in addition to not having any disciplinary actions.

It all started when Powell contacted Duane Dellecker from the county's Solid Waste Department and he in turn set up a waste audit at the school (mixed paper recycling program) was organized. Boxes were donated to the school for their donations and eventually green plastic collection containers (green bins) replaced the original boxes. The green bins were distributed to all classrooms throughout the district, each school's office, and the business and adminstrative offices as well. The collection is scheduled bi-weekly throughout the year.

With this program, the Recycling Club has been able to increase the number of items recycled to include aluminum cans, cell phones, printer cartiridges, drink pouches, dry erase markers, gluesticks/bottles, Ziploc type bags and candy wrappers. The recycling has grown from paper to different things now. Money earned through this program will be used to support the club's field trips and benefit the school as well. Two field trips were organized in the current year.

Dellecker presented a beautiful plaque made out of recyclable computer materials to the school from the state. The Pennsylvania Waste Watchers 2011 Awards is just a reminder to the students as to what can be done with recyclables.

County Commissioner Bill O'Gurek thanked the students and said he admires the fact that they voluntarily participate and have achieved great success. Commissioner Charles Getz told the students that they are the people of our future. And Commssioner Wayne Nothstein thanked everyone for their support. Teacher's aide Debbie Nevenglosky also attended and collected over 6000 Capri Sun drink pouches from the P.V. Elementary School last year from the then fifth grade students