Carbon County Fair board (Carbon County Lioness Lions Club Fair) purchased 717.49 acres of property in Lower Towamensing Township, of which Bob Silliman, president, said 46 acres are planned to be developed into a new fairground.

The property was purchased for $45,899.60 through the Carbon County Unpaid Tax Sale last Friday. The property was abandoned by Horsehead Corporation and was up for sale because of non payment of taxes from 2006 to the present.

Silliman said that he figures it will take at least two years before the fair will move onto the new property.

"We have to get permits and we need a variance," said Silliman. "We also have a lot of work to do to prepare the property, such as putting in the infrastructure, electric, water and drainage. That will take us several years, plus we need to find funding."

Silliman said that the current fair has gone on for 12 years and that a portion of funds raised each year was put into a land fund.

"We've been putting funds away for a purpose like this," said Silliman.

Silliman added that a portion of the new tract is currently used as a youth recreation area and the fair intends to continue a relationship with the organization.

The fairgrounds is currently located on 44 acres of property along Little Gap Road. Of that property, Blue Mountain Ski owns about 30 acres and the other 14 acres are used as the parking area which is owned by a private individual.

"This purchase and development of new fairgrounds will bring revenue and benefit to the county and create an even greater partnership for the communities we serve," said Silliman.

The fair will be held on Aug. 7 to 11 (Tuesday through Saturday), 2012 at the same location as last year along Little Gap Road in Palmerton. The fair offers musical entertainment, arena events, 4-H judging, rides, food and agricultural displays.