A carved eagle has a place of honor in Lehighton's park.

The eagle, carved by master chainsaw carver Mike Blaine, was created from a maple tree stump that was damaged by lightning or disease

Frank Potoczak, owner of Castle Grill restaurant, and Jen Ruth, agent for "Masters of the Chainsaw," formed a partnership to bring the impressive sculpture to the residents and visitors of the Lehighton park.

Potoczak said that the eagle is appropriately overlooking the "Fountain of Opportunity."

"It's given to the Lehighton community as a tribute to 9-11," he said. "It's here for everyone to enjoy."

Blaine worked at a steady pace, using four different chain saws to create the original piece of art, which is nine feet tall.

Potoczak said that the opportunity to work with Ruth came about when she stopped by his restaurant.

"I saw all the wood decor in the restaurant and I knew I had to find out more about the restaurant owner," said Ruth.

She left behind her card and after some discussions, the project to create a sculpture in the park became a reality.

While she lives locally, "Master of the Chainsaw" is known all over the world as masters of their art.

"This promotes patriotism," said Potoczak. "It's a good day. It's a good place to live and do business."

Potoczak said that once the sculpture is completed by Blaine, he plans to add outdoor lighting in red, white and blue to illuminate it at night.

For additional information about Masters of the Chainsaw call 1-888-242-4672 or visit the website at chainsaw.net.