Controller Melinda Kantner accused the Schuylkill County Commissioners of voting on issues at their work session which were not of an emergency need and could be held off to be voted on at the regular public meeting.

The discussion took place at a work session of the Schuylkill County Salary Board which followed the commissioners work session held Wednesday.

When questioned about her criticism of commissioners voting on matters at their work session, Kantner explained the commissioners do not give her a copy of the agenda for the meeting until late in the afternoon of the day preceding the meeting.

She said she does not have enough time to review the topics proposed for adoption, but if they only reviewed them at the work session, she would have a week to check them out before they came up for a vote at the public meeting the following week.

Kantner voted against two issues at the salary board meeting, one dealing with creating positions at Rest Haven Home, and the other about creating a part-time position in the planning commission department. She said she didn't cast the negative vote because she objected to the issues brought up, but wanted more time to review them.

In the case of hiring a part-time secretary for the planning commission, she disagreed with the other members of the salary board, who are the commissioners, over whether the matter should be brought up for a vote by the salary board if the time is needed for extension. She claimed it should.

She was informed if more time is needed, the proper procedure would be taken.