Lansford council president Adam Webber called a special meeting to be held Friday evening to discuss, among other matters, the borough's financial mess. But when only two other council members Lenny Kovach and Danielle Smith showed up, Webber waited for 15 minutes, then called the caucus for lack of a quorum.

Council vice-president Mary Kruczek came in, took an agenda, handwritten by Webber, and left, tersely telling Webber that she had not been notified of the meeting. Council members Rosemary Cannon, Tommy Vadyak and Andrew Snyder were absent.

Mayor Ron Hood has vowed to stop attending meetings until council's two opposing factions stop fighting and work together. One faction is composed of Webber, Smith, Snyder and Kovach; the other is Cannon, Kruczek and Vadyak.

How the public was notified of the special meeting is questionable. A display advertisement was placed on page 7 of the TIMES NEWS' zoned Thursday edition. Notices of municipal meetings are typically published in the legal notices section of newspapers at least 24 hours in advance of the meeting. It was not clear late Friday whether the display advertisement violated any legal requirement, however.

The agenda listed a few items: doors for the police station, a part-time office clerk, training for new secretary Beth Ann Seymour and an item listed as "state of borough's funds."

Lansford's financial disarray has been severe and ongoing.

Webber said council would hold another special meeting at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, and possibly one every week, until the finances are organized.

"I'm well prepared to have a special meeting every week" until finances are on track, he said.

Webber said he would like council to hire a firm to come in and straighten out the financial mess.