Layne Roberts, co-host of "The Daily Bump and Grind" morning show on Penn's Peak Radio, goes by the moniker "The Doctor."

The "doctor of entertainment" visited a real doctor as a segment of his program and had heart testing done.

Penn's Peak Radio, although broadcast as a radio station on Channel 80 on the Blue Ridge Communications System, also is aired live as a TV program on Channel 113 on BRC digital TV.

He had heart monitoring done at Cardiology Associates & Diagnostic Center at Carbon Plaza Mall in Mahoning Township.

Dr. William Markson MD and Eugene McGeehan, RDCS, performed an ultrasound of his heart and determined he has no apparent problems.

Although he joked through the entire segment, Roberts said he takes such testing very seriously.

He noted that had there been bad news, he would have received it while on the air.

McGeehan said Roberts had an ultrasound, but Cardiology Associates do numerous other heart tests including special stress tests, electrocardiograms (EKGs), and nuclear stress testing.

Testing is generally done by physician referral.

He said he appreciates Roberts bringing heart testing to the attention of the public through the radio broadcast and it is something people should keep aware of.

McGeehan added that Cardiology Associates also does testing in an office in Brodheadsville.

"Our diagnostic testing is nationally certified," said McGeehan. "We do it in a very comfortable setting. We try to give patients the results directly, on the same day as the testing. The results are given to the referring physician within 24 hours."

Roberts appeared on camera shirtless for the testing. He joked with co-host Kitty McVeigh through the test.

When all was done, McGeehan joked that Roberts' years of partying and having fun hasn't affected his heart.

McGeehan said all the equipment is modern and the technicians are well-experienced at Cardiology Associates. "People don't have to run to Allentown or Bethlehem for testing," he said.

"We think testing should be done when appropriate; when symptoms occur," said Dr. Markson.

Roberts, after the testing was done, joked about the testing, but added, "I am thankful that everything is okay."

"It was a relief knowing that my heart looks good and strong due to my lifestyle," he said. "At Cardiology Associates, and the awesome staff that are there to help, there is no excuse that you should not be heart healthy. They make you feel very comfortable and explain it all to you every step of the way."