Did you know the first Continental Congress met today in 1765? If you knew that and even if you didn't, the Summit Hill Heritage Center is holding a special interactive lecture tonight at 7 o'clock on Holidays and events of October.

"We thought we would try something different for this lecture," said Lecture Coordinator David Wargo. "This will be more of a game format about October. People will have the opportunity to answer questions and win some prizes like tickets to our upcoming shows while they learn about this month." Wargo said there would also be a contest held for those that attend that night. All of it is free to the public.

Questions range from Halloween to history to events and the answers will provide snapshots about this fall month of the year which is quite busy with many events.

The lecture/game is free and open to the public. It's part of the Center's Family Game Night held on the first Fridays of the month.