Dear Editor:

Recently (Sept. 21) I went food shopping at Giant store in Lehighton. Since I am unable to drive, I took the transit bus. I didn't realize my big mistake until arriving at the store. I left my grocery list and my money on the night stand. I knew most of the items on my list and since I had my one and only credit card in my wallet, I wasn't concerned that is until all my groceries were checked and I entered my card and it was not approved. I was angry, but very embarrassed by the entire occasion. I got on the phone to question why it was not approved. I knew I had "over the limit" privileges but was not informed it would take 24 hours to be approved 24 hours.

While on the phone, a "beautiful" lady approached me and asked me about my problem. She then said "follow me" and we went to the courtesy desk where this "beautiful" lady took out a card and paid the bill which was "$35.42." I never saw her in my life and had no idea who she was or why she went out of her way to help someone unknown. She was no doubt my "guardian angel" for that day. Since I know nothing about her. She shall remain anonymous.

My letter is basically to prove there are some "good people" out there and being a Marine that does not cry I can truly say "good thing I had sunglasses on to hide my tears."

Paul J. Martin