There's something new at the Ginder Park playground in Summit Hill.

Two new rides have been installed.

Put into service this week were a "spring hammer" and a maypole.

The rides were purchased by the Summit Hill Recreation Commission with funds raised from the annual Memorial Day Weekend Stay-At-Home Festival.

Volunteers assembled the rides after Stoney Lonesome Excavators of Summit Hill used its equipment to dig holes.

Michael Kokinda, one of the volunteers, said the weather caused the holes to collapse and the loose dirt had to be dug out by hand.

A third ride, a teeter-totter – or see saw, as it is also known – is expected to be installed before winter.

A Solo Spinner will be added next spring.

Monica Marshall, president of the recreation commission, commented earlier this year when the rides were purchased, "We used the funds we made from the 2011 Stay at Home Festival. We want the community to see that we do more than festivals. We actually use the money for what our purpose is. Our goal for Ginder Field is to provide a place for the Summit Hill children and their parents to go and relax, play and enjoy. It's more of a family thing."

She said other improvements are planned, including to the pavilion.

Commission members have expressed that their biggest concert at the Ginder playground is vandalism because it is in an isolated area.

Often litter is strewn on the grounds and obscenities are carved into the playground equipment.

Besides the new rides, there are swings for toddlers and teens, sliding boards, and climbing devices.

The new spring hammer is a vertical spring-shaped object on which youngsters can stand and jump. It is geared for younger children.

The maypole allows children to hang onto a circular bar with their arms and swing.