Nine students from Our Lady of the Angels Academy, Lansford, were recently named "Students of the Month." for October. They were selected because they exhibited their kindness. The following are quotes from each student which helped them earn their awards.

Cael Heaney (Kindergarten): "I am kind to others without expecting anything in return."

Riley Fenstermaker (first grade): "I always show manners when I am around my teacher and the ladies who serve us lunch."

Sierra Bauer (second grade): "I am kind to everyone and try to comfort anyone who is hurt."

Sara Collevechio (third grade): "I am always kind and friendly to others and share with others when I have more than them."

Allison Slakoper (fourth grade): "I am always kind to other students in my class and I speak nicely to others."

Antonina Zeleniak (fifth grade): "I always say thank you and please to others and care about other people's feelings."

Brayden Webb (sixth grade): "I am a good student and I shared a prize I won with my classmates although I was not asked to."

William Cannon (seventh grade): "I am kind to everyone and I try my best to be nice and respectful to everyone."

Jordan Reis (eighth grade): "I donated a dog to my class which raised over $260 as a fundraiser for 'Red Ribbon Week.'"