In a combined effort of the four Lutheran churches of the Panther Valley; Zion, Trinity, St. Paul's and St. John's, a special Reformation service was held at the Zion Lutheran Church in Nesquehoning on Sunday.

The service, which was originally slated for Oct. 30, honored Martin Luther who on Oct. 31, 1517 hammered his Ninety-five Theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany. This single act, which was intended to spark academic discussion with the Catholic Church, ended up being the start of the Protestant Reformation.

In his theses, Luther challenged many of the practices of the Catholic Church. His writings inspired many, and outraged others, while forever leaving their impact on the world.

The Rev. Marjorie Keiter opened the service with hymns, readings and dialogue. The service also featured a re-enactment of various highlights of the Reformation.

Joshua Keiter narrated the re-enactment, giving a history of the events surrounding that important day.

The part of Luther was portrayed by Brian Buzik and the part of the Inquisitor by Dr. Louis Vermillion.

Following the service, guests enjoyed refreshments and a time of fellowship.