If you have a child with special needs or disabilities and you find yourself unsure of where to get assistance with dealing with their educational, social and vocational educations, then you might want to attend a free workshop being offered by specialists from the Parents Education Network at 6 p.m. Thursday, Nov. 10 at the Summit Hill Heritage Center, Summit Hill. The PEN is celebrating its 25th year and is part of a national system of Parent Training and Information Centers. The PEN's mission is to assist parents with learning their rights and laws with regards to helping children with special needs receive the education and care required by the law. They provide informational seminars, referral services, workshops and skill development training to parents to help them help their children reach their full potential in school, society and eventually the workplace. With their assistance and training, parents can learn how to better understand their child's disability and educational needs, communicate more effectively with school professionals and service personnel, ensure their child's rights are being observed, understand their responsibilities and learn about community services available to them. In addition, the PEN strives to educate parents about special education laws and how they apply to your child.The workshop is open to all parents and offered free to the community by the PEN to assist parents in understanding their rights and responsibilities with regard to their special needs child. For more information about the seminar, please contact Kay Lipsitz at (800) 522-5827.