Youth group members and church parishioners of the St. Peter's Union Church in Mantzville held a murder mystery dinner fundraiser called "Murder, Mayhem and Marshmallows" to raise funds for their expansion project.

Participating in the program were Christine Miller, director; Marsha Thomas, who played M. T. Socket; Beth Kistler, who played Sally Light; Arienne Serniak, who played Jess T. Honcho; Justin Hoppes, who played Pastor Evan Keal; Lori Hoppes, who played Molly Devaro Keal; Glenn Rarick, who played Reverend Peter Piper Porcupine; Ron Osenbach, who played Philosopher; Christian Gardiner, who served as musician and assistant; and Hannah Miller on lighting.

Others who assisted were Luther Exner, Linda Garber, Chelsea Frantz and others.

Miller stated her appreciation to all the youth group members, parishioners and visitors who came to support the church.