Children and grandchildren of military veterans had a grand time catching trout on Saturday at the Phifer Ice Dam Park, when the Poho Poco Rod and Gun Club hosted a "Military Family Youth Fishing" day.

The children were invited to fish for free, with approximately 235 trout stocked earlier in the day for catching. Fishing at the park was closed to adult fishing until the event concluded.

Larry Ahner, a club member, said the club has been active stocking fish in other areas of the county, but hadn't held a fishing event for children for years.

"We wanted to try this and see how it went," said Ahner. Ahner and other members of the club were delighted with the number of youngsters and their families who stopped by for a relaxing day of fishing.

For 10-year-old Kendra Strohl, fishing was extremely fun and exciting, not only because she caught a lot of fish, but for the sheer size of ones she reeled in. She could barely hoist her catch of four large trout off the ground.

Kendra fished with her dad Shaun Strohl and was using power bait to fish.

Also having a grand time fishing was Damion Duschak, 5, who fished with his parents, David and Ashlee Duschak. Duschak said that he had purchased green worms for his children to use to catch the trout.

The club funded the cost of the fish with the proceeds from the interest they receive every year when they sold off property. Ahner. Several trophy-size trout made the event exciting for the youngsters."

Ahner stressed that no adults will be allowed to fish without a child until after 3 p.m. when the event is over. Any fish remaining will be available to Franklin Township residents after the event ends.

Refreshments will be available. Youngsters should bring their own chairs, poles and bait.

Members of the Poho Poco Rod and Gun Club will be on hand to assist youngsters who need a hand.