Polk Elementary School's Mrs. Kilker's and Mrs. Cole's first grade students welcomed guests from Mrs. Bush's Personal Care Homes of Kunkletown to their Spring Planting Party.

After Principal Joseph Kondisko welcomed everyone, he gave instructions on how to fill mugs with topsoil and flowers.

Carrie Shafer, Mrs. Bush's program director, says that programs like this is so beneficial for the residents.

"It gets them out of the house and gives them something to look forward to. And being around the kids, well, they can't help but make our residents smile and being with them gives them a sense of purpose for them," says Shafer.

"This is a great program because it's a way for our school to reach out to the community. It's important for our kids and valuable to our seniors. Carrie told me that she read that events like this is a way to help decrease depression in seniors. I think it's just great," said Mr. Kondisko.

Next month the residents will be coming to the school's Field Day and will be the Kindergarten class's cheerleaders and they'll have a picnic with them.

The Spring Planting Party did more than planting flowers.

It planted seeds of friendship. May they forever bloom.